I think I’m done.

Yup. I think I’m done with this blog.

No one comments; birthday or no birthday….So I’m taking everything done.

But here is good news;;; I’m making a page on my MB Blog.

‘Real Life; Me’

:) SO there you go.

Bye wordpressers. Toodles.




I’m so excited. I’ve had the best week ever(: Literally.

Ok, so My crush, David, asked me out. Alyssa broke up with him, because… I don’t know. But we weren’t mad at eachother. I was actually happy for her.

So then after choir, 8th period, I had all my stuff and everyone was pushing me into my locker, excited-ly yellwing at me that David was gonna ask me, and I finally pushed them away. Along with that, Micheal and Jadan are going to ask me out, and ask me to go to the dance. Mickayla is going to be mad at me; because Jadan was with Mickaylaa and she still has feelings for him.

Other than that heart stuff, me and David are together. We’ve been texting 24.7, lol. Already 550 text messages. Currently.

So my birthday is on TUESDAY, and the party is TODAY. DJ, Chocolate fountain, pool, waterguns, waterballoons, and stuff. E.P.i.C

Dean’s party, which was yesterday, was AMAZING. We did the konga-line, piggy back rides (awkward, but fun), dancing, waterguns, and breaking trampolines. Yup, we broke a spring off his trampoline.

Piggy back rides = FUN! Considering I weigh about 110, I could give them, and some of the girls that where there gave me one, since they were freakin’ strong(: I tried giving Dean a ride (Which succeeded) and we won. We had to walk/run/jog around 3 house tents. SO fun. Then his friend, Brandin, who is in 8th grade and goes to our school, kept flirting with me. Which was funny, because I kept walking away.

So today 25 people (or 20) will fill up the club( vacant house) and it’ll be fun(: Not as fun as Dean’s, but fun.

I have to go, and I’ll update every few days or weeks, (:


Trynna Immitate Me

Just got done watchin’ five 10.00 minute Justin Bieber funny videos (: Haha,  well, if you can guess what song the title is, I’ll comment on every one of your posts, and pages. (: Promise.

So, Caitlin Beadles is following me on twitter, and it’s her personal. She remembered me from youtube, since we talked (August 29th) a little, until she closed her 2nd account, and we haven’t talked since then. But then we caught up on twitter. It was so much fun, and she read my stories (J-14, Twist newset fan fictions column). No joke(: Haha(:

Then I found 2 of Justin B.’s personal twitters. I formspring’ed him, and he replied on twitter saying ‘followeed ;)’ and I melted. Now I’m tyring to get Jasmine Villegas to follow me. She’s amazing(:

Ok, well, my brother won his first soccer game, the hurricanes(: Everyone was cheering and we celebrated with his favorite — and my favoritetoo — fast food place, McDonalds. I then went back over to the park, to see my April – June soccer team, the Spring Team that was called Green Glory. Rachel Maria remembered me, who called me a cracker, a white person (she was playin’ though) and her brother said I was a sucky goalie, then guy-hugged me. I didn’t know how to respond to a guy hug, so I just patted him on the back. It was awkward. Then they kept complimenting on my contacts.

Yup, I got contacts. Blue and green. I’m getting permenat ones Friday, so yeah. I’m happy. I’ll try to post pictures, but I’m not one-hundred percento yet. So yeah. They said I also got taller and that my hair looked different (layers). Haha, she was so nice, she bought me skittles and Fernado bought me Cubed watermelon in a cup. Yeah, our ice cream truck has that(;

She has facebook, and I’m gonna keep in touch with her, same with her brother, whom also has facebook.

Right now, it’s 1 am, and I have to get up at 8:30 :[

Oh, and I’m starting a baby-sitting service;] Hahaahaa.

Well, goodnight.

Check Yes Juliet

HaHa, Hey! I’m kindaa happy, and a ‘lil upset. Here’s an update.

  • David flirts with me, when he has Alyssa (my bestfriend) as his girlfriend. I’m trying to say he has a girlfriend, but he keeps saying ‘I know’ and ‘You and I are just friends.’ Lol ((:
  • Alyssa and I are bestfriends again. She said sorry for going out with him, and I said ‘Love him like you would love a zebra’ and we started laughing
  • I have a gmail email. Email chrissystar59@aol.com for it (:
  • I have facebook(;
  • I have 300 followers on twitter.
  • I’ve gotten 9,000 (almost 10,000) views on my Massie Block blog (thanks=])
  • I have gotten over 4,000 views on polyvore. Thanks.
  • I’ve made alot of friends on wordpress and offline.
  • I’m reading Runaway by Meg Cabot. A must read for school.
  • I have a guestlist for my party already made. (: Email me for the deets.
  • I have 3 crushes. I feel…. horrible and guilty.
  • The pictures page is updated with pictures of mee. You gotta sign up to see ’em though(:

Those are the updates, not very much.  I have a new favorite song, Check Yes JULiET by We The KiNGS. It’s amazing((:

Mickaylaa got gmail too. Bridget got twitter, Paulinaa got twitter, and David has twitter and facebook. I’m stalking (or trying) him on twitter(; Sorry for the videos, I’ll post them RIGHT NOW (if I can) to www.chrissysextrastuff.wordpress.com


You gonna kiss me?

Justin Bieber – Kiss ‘N Tell(: Love it. HaaHaa. Well, I got a solo in choir, for ‘Let’s Make Music America'(:

I also got a new blog. But it’s for extra stuff, like Polyvore, YouTube, Stories, ETC(:

www.chrissysextrastuff.wordpress.com :) There. Haha. This is a short post.. or it’ll turn out long.

I posted pictures, but you have to be a Chrissmer. Go to the Chrissmer page and see how you can sign up.

I’m texting Erica, lol. Here are videos from the sleepover 9/5/2010.

Explination 4 First Video- Erica has the glasses, Bridget had tthe blue ball (at the end), Mickayla was on the blanket, I was bouncing on my bed (lol), and Pau(Lina) was beside Erica. My friends are beautiful and amazing.

Explination for Second Video – It was in the morning, and Paulina and Mickayla left. Bridget was looking through my diary (I didn’t care, lol) and Me and Erica were singing. You cna hear me the loudest, but Eriyy was kindaa flat. Lol.

Explination for Third vvideo – Bridget wanted to be an Under-Cover Hippe while stuffing her shirt and shorts with my stuffed animals (Yes, I love them) I kept saying ‘You’re no longer needed’ and bridget put my bag over her head. Mickayla is camera shy, but really nice.

Ex. for Fourth vid – A continous vid for Second. You can’t hear me, I was recording. Eriyy was singing :))

Ex. for Fifth video – Hippie time for Bridget. Short video(:

Ex. for Sixth video – Stuffing herself…again. I was helping her button up her jacket.

And you can find these on www.chrissysextrastuff.wordpress.com (:

Okkkk, Thanks(:


Best. Week. Ever

Hi again (: Yes, I’m back. I hate being away from my online buddies.

Here is a picture. I found it in my gallery, and was laughing hard.


I just have to vent on something. Okay, this is like really long, so, just send me an email saying ‘Slaps Christina’ if you think it’s annoying. Lol.

Okay, so I had my sleepover last night (Saturday, 9/4/2010) and everyone was all excited. Mickayla, Bridget, Paulina, and Erica came. It was fun, except for Paulina’s bratty attitude. Everyone was asleep, and Paulina and Erica were ‘trying’ to get some sleep, and Paulina was trying to bite (and did)  and kick Bridget so she would shut up. We kept laughing, and Paulina was like ‘Oh my God, shut up you retards.’ and we said ‘Look in the mirror and you’ll see a real retards. We’re artificial retards, aka fake.’ And we started laughing. Then she threatened us that she would leave, which I didn’t care, but it was like 4 AM or 5 AM. She totally ruined it, and I was texting her a few hours ago, and I called her saying ‘I know what you said last night, so don’t think i don’t’ and hung up, then she texted em saying ‘And? Mickahla (that’s how she spelled it) told me everything too’ and I replied saying ‘Did she tell you how much everyone wanted you to leave because you’re a complaining brat?’ and she stopped texting me. Then she said (an hour later) ‘U n Bridget wouldn’t shut up. It got annoying.’ So I simply said back ‘I see your face everyday and you don’t see me complaining.’ and she got all mad.. I started laughing.

Ok, thanks for letting me vent(: I’m now listening to ‘Love Like Woe’ on my computer<3 It’s amazing, and I simply love it. Ok, now here goes school news.

Social Studies – We’re voting for a President, and that person gets to be President for 2 weeks, then we’ll start all over. I voted for Gabriella (Gabby, as she prefers) , because she’s in my group and she’s my new bestfriend. She’s amazing, but wears heavy makeup.

Math – Thanks to Angel, we have seating order Tuesday, because he reminded Mrs. Hernandez ‘Aren’t we suppose to have seating order?’ and boom. Thanks alot Angel. Hope you’re reading this Trader. (LOL, JK,)

Reading – Boring. Mrs. Metz is reading us a Ghost story. Boring.

English – Mrs. Shaw is amazing! She’s super nice. I sit beside Mickayla (seating chart) and behind her boyfriend, Jadan, who said quote ‘Why can’t you be like Mickayla, she’s beautiful, calm, nice and sweet. Unlike you, you’re ugly, horrible, crazy, and a fool.’ So i’ve been sad, and Mickayla might break up with him because he made her Bestfriend sad. I love her<3

Gym – Very awkward. But, I’m getting used to it. Sigh. Lol. Really fun though, they played 96.1 and songs came on.

Advisory – Amazing. I wish I had advisory everyday. David (My crush) is President for First period (friend told me) and for advisory, we get Presidents too, and I entered. He asked if he could join my political group, and I said yeah, so he’s gonna vote for me (and 3 or 5 other guys, along with 6 girls) and everyone put smiley faces around my name and David put a heart, but erased it quickly with a note that said ‘Vote 4 Christina!’ and I was happy. Lol

Choir – Getting better and better. I taught Friday’s and Thursday’s class, because Mrs. Opal was out (sick) and our subs were HORRIBLE. We had to prove that we could lead with singing ‘The Climb’ and I was chosen, along with Ashley and Esperanza. Esperanza helped everyone with the dance moves, I did the vocals, and Ashley parted the girls for the cannon.

That’s pretty much it. This is a very boring post. Also — I got facebook, but can’t give it to anyone. Sorry. Lol(: I changed up everything, because, with a new month comes a new layout. And with a new layout, a new color. I’m completely obssesed with Navy, because that’s the color my toe nails are(: My nails are finally long, and I tested it. I scratched Angel for reminding Mrs. Harnandez about the seating chart. HeeHeee.

Well, I’ll talk to y’all later. And since there is a new girl on wordpress, she get’s a special shoutout, since she has my friend’s name too(: www.beesandsports.wordpress.com so go check her out, and win 1,000,000 dollars! One lucky winner will be chosen.

Lol jk. Just visit her blog, and do me a favor, comment! And on a note, My birthday is in 24 (maybe 23) days! Sept 28! (:

I’ll talk to you guys soon, on the 9/10/2010, with a new update.


It’s Just a Dream – Nelly

I’m leavin’. Only for a few weeks, ’cause of school. My friends found my blog, and laughed at me… Stupid mouth. I’ll try and update, but they won’t be Juicy posts. Just reg. normal, average, day posts. But today’s post? Not normal. HaHa. Anyywayy, here’s an update:

Mickaylaa, Lauren, and I prank called some guy. LOL, here is the conversation.

Guy – “Hello?”

Mickaylaa – “Hi.”

Guy – “Who’s this?”

Mickaylaa – “Gaby Tafaya.”

And then he hung up. Then Lauren accidentaly hung up, and then me and Mickaylaa started prank calling by ourselves. Fun(: I wasted 2 hours on them, and I have a limit of 500 minutes. Urgh. Lawl, anyway, I won’t update my Massie blog as much, like, 24-7. Maybe like on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and half of Sunday, ’cause of church and stuff. Also, I have a crush. His name is David .P (: He’s really cute and nice, except he doesn’t know my name. We just started talking randomly in Advisory (4th Period) (: It was fun. But Bridget likes him, and my on and off friend Alyssa. She was saying that I still liked Tito/Humberto (Ex BF) and I didn’t, so I got mad, and was about to go all Erica on her, but remained calm. (Sigh). Now we’re ‘friends’.

So today we had to dress-out. It was so funny. All the girls were all like ‘This is so awkward and embarrising.’ And then they started laughing at this one chubby girl because you know, she had alot of fat, and I said “You’re just laughing at yourself. Leave her alone idiots.” and they just walked off. I almost got caught by the coaches, but suprisingly didn’t. Lol. Yeah, so I have these Navy shorts with my name on it (‘dur./duh) and with my MS’s shirt that has the name on it, with my Last name and first on the back. ((: So I was sitting in my row call order, and I was ‘gossiping’ with Alyssa and Orelli (Or-Rel-E). I was saying ‘I want BieberBandz’ to TiTo and Michael (his friend) and they gave me a purple alligator, and a green squid. Lol, they made me promise to wear it every day, except Gym. HaHa, Best friends ever!

Annd we had to walk around, but the guys went in the other gym (Preformance Gym) and we stayed in Ms. Martin’s gym. (Athletic Gym) They put on Dynamite, Single Ladies, DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again, Baby I Like It, OMG, Somebody To Love/Baby ((:, You belong with me, Follow me down, Just a dream (Nelly, new song),  Fireflies (boring!), and more. Lol, all the hip 96.1 and 94.1 music(: It was fun, but we had to walk around for, like, 30 minutes. We changed for nothing, ’cause we just walked around. It was just weird. Annnd Mrs. Opal (Choir Teacher) was somewhat nice. But Me, Ashley, and Haley kept messing around, like slapping eachother and elbowing eachothaa, and the meany moved Haley to the first row. Urgh.

EDIT — This was yesterday 8/31/2010

If you don’t know what I meant by ‘I Got All Erica On Her’, I meant like, I felt like I wanted to beat her up. ‘Cause my bestie Erica beat up this mean chick for me ’cause the chick made me cry.

Well, I got to go((: Byeee